Supporting your business:

No matter the size of the company, the amount of time you have to spend on it currently, the number of people or the cash you are generating; Dream High will offer business support in exactly the same way. The model of support that works for individuals within a business that we have helped is:

These three core components are required for every business to succeed but we believe that no individual can successfully move their business forward, if they are working on all three. In many cases, at least two of these three areas hold no interest to an individual and are always down the list of priorities, which can get your business in trouble if left unattended.

Facilitating businesses through support at the point you need it?

Enterprise Facilitation helps identify the areas in your business you are not working on, but probably need to. Its a person centred approach to community and economic development, providing free, confidential business coaching and networking advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses.

The Enterprise Facilitator works with entrepreneurs to identify obstacles that may be in their way in terms of setting up a business or growing an existing business. The Enterprise Facilitator will then work to find resources to assist the client to overcome the issues.

This is mainly done via a panel of around 30 people who meet every month to give confidential support to clients, this enables budding Entreprenuers to be able to access the volunteers skills, experience and it also helps to open up networks that may otherwise be difficult to access.