Phil Linley

Position: Panel Member

Phil has worked in East and South Liverpool for more than 10 years. On a voluntary basis he has been on the Board of Granby Toxteth Development Trust and The Job Bank. Phil was one of the founders of the Eastern Approaches Business Leaders Group and currently delivers the Business Liverpool services to businesses in East Liverpool. Phil has been champion of the Sirolli project since its inception.

How did you get involved in Dream High and what is your involvement?

Championed organisation during formation stage and was chair for couple of years

What has been your experience of Dream High?

The most rewarding professional thing I’ve been involved with

How do you think it impacts on the community/clients?

It’s a slow burn, low visibility project (intentionally so) that reaches people that others don’t reach

What do you get personally get out of your involvement?

To see the support from 100 people who give their time for free is a huge buzz…even more so to think that we have changed peoples lives