Nick Taylor

Position: Chair of Dream High


Pen Profile

How did you get involved in Dream High and what is your involvement?

I was working part-time and setting up a business in my spare time. I got support from Dream High for marketing work. Moved into full time self employment. Was invited onto the panel. Then when Phil stepped down as Chair and I took up the opportunity to Chair.

What has been your experience of Dream High?

6 months as a client, 6 months as a panel member and 3 years as Chair.

How do you think it impacts on the community/clients?

For a lot of clients who don’t have any resource and little business knowledge and are put off by people who seem to ‘know it all’ or the ranging elements of business, like finance or marketing. Its great, because it builds confidence that they can do it.

The wider benefits to the community are more intangible but the 200 or more clients that are self employed, are contributing to their local community and adding into its economy it has a big impact and a lot more potential to hasten regeneration.

What do you get personally get out of your involvement?

I enjoy being part of the successes people have from the direct connections and help from Dream High. It’s a good network of trusted individuals that you can do business with. It helps raise my profile and supports the ethics behind the business I do.