James Dunningham

Position: Panel Member

I strongly believe in both the responsibility of business owners to contribute to their local community and the power of enterprise to really make a difference to struggling communities.

As a local business based on Edge Lane I welcomed with open arms the opportunity to add value to the Dream High project. As a panel member I can offer my experience and personal contacts to budding entrepreneurs in the local area. As a business owner myself I know the critical difference advice and contacts can make, particularly in the first few months.

Over the last few years our enterprise facilitator Claire has, with support from panel members, helped many local people hoping to start their own business, and long may this continue.

What are your top tips to starting a business

1) Get help turning an idea into a proper plan; be clear what value you are creating.
2) Don’t try to sell the world to everyone; be clear exactly what you are selling, and who you are selling it to, find your niche.
3) Take lots of advice, but do not feel you have to agree or act on all of it!
4) Don’t try to do everything yourself; stick to what you are good at, and get others to do everything else.
5) Call Claire on 07921 372 844!