Caroline Kenyon

Position: Director

How did you get involved in Dream High and what is your involvement?

I was a founder member as it was set up in Kensington where I was heavily involved in providing PR and event management services for Kensington Regeneration. I attend panel meetings; advise clients pro bono as requested & attend directors meetings.

What has been your experience of Dream High?

Attend panel meetings; advise clients pro bono as requested. Attend directors meetings.

How do you think it impacts on the community/clients?

For some clients it is hugely useful for them to get easy access to experienced business people, for help with business planning and marketing in particular. I don’t think it yet has had much impact on the wider community.

What do you get personally get out of your involvement?

I enjoy panel meetings where we discuss ways of helping individuals. And I enjoy meeting interesting individuals who have a lot of potential and just need a bit of a steer to improve confidence.